Gastric Balloon (减肥)

When you begin to lose weight, you fight against cravings and the influence of hormones that make you feel hungry. If you persist for a year, it gets easier because those hunger hormones gradually drop down to normal. The plastic surgeons at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill and Sunrise, 佛罗里达, can boost your success right at the start by inserting a gastric balloon. 这个安全, nonsurgical option kick-starts your diet and includes a year of individualized support to help you meet your weight loss goals.

减肥 Q & A

 What is the ORBERA® gastric balloon?

ORBERA is the name of a gastric balloon that’s inserted in your stomach, where it helps you lose weight by making you feel full. Most people lose three times more weight in six months than the amount that’s typically lost when they rely on diet and exercise alone.

The ORBERA gastric balloon is made from medical-grade silicone. This means it’s safe and durable, so it can stay in your stomach for six months.

How is the ORBERA gastric balloon placed into your stomach?

The balloon is inserted in a nonsurgical procedure that’s done in the office and only takes about 20-30 minutes. You’ll be mildly sedated, then a medical instrument called an endoscope is used to place the deflated balloon into your stomach.

The thin endoscope carries the balloon through the mouth and esophagus into the stomach, then the balloon is gently inflated with a saline solution (salt water) until it’s about the size of a grapefruit. After it’s inflated, the endoscope is removed, and you go home the same day.

After six months, you’ll come back to the office and go through the same procedure in reverse. The endoscope is used to deflate the balloon and extract it from your stomach.

How does ORBERA promote weight loss?

The ORBERA balloon takes up space in your stomach, so you’ll feel full after eating a small amount of food. Since the balloon stays inflated, it also helps you feel less hungry throughout the day.

With the balloon in place, you’ll start losing weight while you begin to change lifestyle habits that will help keep the weight off. As one example, portion control is essential, but the balloon gives you a feeling of partial fullness for six months, which means you have time to learn new eating habits while losing weight.

What is the ORBERA Managed 减肥 System?

When you choose the ORBERA balloon, you also receive a year of support provided through the ORBERA Managed 减肥 System. You can access the ORBERA Coach using their online portal or an app on your mobile device.

The ORBERA Coach offers tools, resources, and personalized coaching:

  • One-on-one counseling with a registered dietitian
  • Group sessions
  • Content library with articles on nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle
  • Recipes and meal planning
  • Daily reminders
  • Weight and activity trackers
  • Coach and doctors review your progress